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Hunters for the Hungry

Hunters FINAL

Hunters can now fill their freezers and then donate their "extra" venison for processing for local families struggling with hunger, providing a rich and valuable source of protein. Hunters are asked to drop their extra venison at Johnston's Meat Market in Monticello where it will be processed and then picked up by Second Harvest to distribute to local families.


This concept is similar to others throughout the county. "Hunters for the Hungry" is a loose knit organization found in nearly every state...gun and bow hunters doing what they enjoy and giving back at the same time.


If the hunter is able to pay for the processing (into simple ground meat) Johnston's will accept a donation of $75 to cover their processing costs. If the hunter wishes to donate a deer but is unable to cover the cost of processing, Johnston's will process the meat regardless and use other funds raised for the causes.


1. The deer MUST be processed at Johnston's Meat Market, or a state inspected plant. As of this time, Johnston's is the only local location for this program.

2. Field dressed game must be brought to Johnston's within 48 hours of kill.


If you are not a hunter, you can make a donation to help cover processing costs by clicking the "DONATE" button at the top of the page. Under the program designation, simply select "Hunters for the Hungry" to direct funds for this program.

For additional information, contact David Cox at (850) 562-3033.